Supporting your Research@Home

The widespread of coronavirus is changing our working style - Stay@Home.

Although our network infrastructure has been well developed to support remote working, yet some tasks we still find difficult to complete at home.

For researchers, under the situation of universities/labs are closed, simulation research which needs high performing computer may be difficult to operate at home.

There are a number of hurdles in reality,

- PCs such as general types of desktop or laptop are not powerful enough at computing

- General PCs are not designed for 24x7 continuous running

- Remote access to lab's computer is still not well prepared yet

- Worry about the security of remote access

- Cloud-based computing services on the market are too expensive for personal use

My research needs powerful computing. But how can I do it at home ??

Concerning the reality, we launched our remote computing service "aXremote" specifically for researchers.

- Researchers can remotely use our powerful servers for computational simulation

- Our systems are 24x7 continuous running

- Remote access and communication are encrypted by OpenVPN

- Researchers can use their general PCs or even mobile devices to connect and control

For your information we prepared a short intro of aXremote.

One week free trial is possible for highly interested researchers.

Feel free to contact us for more information and learn how we can assist your Research@Home.

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